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Understanding what's going on

Fylde Civic Awareness Group


From time to time, we hold public meetings, workshops and seminars on matters of local interest. Click on Public Events for the latest details.

Anyone can be notified of these events as they arise by providing their contact details to the Clerk.

The least we need is your email address, but it is helpful if you would also provide a phone number (in case we need to contact you urgently about a late change of plan for example) and address (which helps us to establish our geographic coverage when applying for lottery or other grant funding)

Please click this link to
email your contact details and register with the Clerk

Local Groups....

 Any group that has influence or interest in the Borough of Fylde may apply to join the Fylde Civic Awareness Group.

You might be a parish council, a protest group, a support group, or a charity that organises speakers or debates. The common denominator is an interest in how we are governed and how local government can affect our lives.

To see our current members, click on Member Group Links

As a Group Member of FCAG, the principal benefit is the right to send a representative to the Delegate Assembly which conducts the business of the group. This can give you advantage, and provide access to people who know what is going on 'behind the scenes' of civic life.

Delegates are the link between your organisation and the Assembly

In the Assembly, you will find other like-minded groups offering new ideas, greater experience, links into the higher echelons of civic life in Fylde, and the willingness to offer support and encouragement.

Without any loss of autonomy, information can be shared, alliances formed, and understanding gained.  We believe you will find membership beneficial.

Membership carries an expectation of a small contribution - graded according to the size of your group.

The process to join is not complicated. Follow this link to 
download a (pdf) leaflet for further information on joining.

New groups just starting out will find it particularly useful, as will larger groups for whom the organisation of seminars and workshops can be undertaken.


 If you support the aims of the group, and are willing to help with a donation, we would be pleased to hear from you.

As you will see, our Group Membership contributions are kept deliberately low, to encourage local groups to take advantage of the support we offer. This means we are dependent on grants and other funding for our principal activities.

We believe we are making a difference. Your support could help us do more - please click this link get in touch by email, or ring  0845 456 6122.


To find out more, please contact


Fylde Civic Awareness Group
18 Sandhurst Avenue, St Anne's on the Sea, Lancashire. FY8 2DA
Phone: 0845 456 6122

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