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Civic Awareness Seminar 2007



Fylde Civic Awareness Group


In 2002, a Steering Group campaigned for St Anne's to have its own Town Council.  We ran seminars enabling local people to stand for election. Five were elected as founding members of the Saint Anne's on the Sea Town Council.

Approaching the 2007 elections, the Group enlarged its remit to the whole Fylde area, staging another series of seminars helping people understand how local government works, and equipping those wishing to do so with the skills and confidence to stand for election as a parish or borough councillor.

In all, 271 people attended our 12 seminars. Fourteen people stood for election who were not Councillors before they came to the seminars. Six of these became Borough Councillors, and two became Parish Councillors

In 2008, we expanded again - to provide an Assembly for local groups. We now accept applications for membership from local groups and organisations with a civic focus.

Our Objectives....


Civic Awareness for Individuals

 To attract local people to learn more about how Local Government works, and how it affects their lives.
 To assist and enable those wishing to do so, take an active role in local civic affairs, and / or to stand for election as a councillor.

Civic Awareness for Local Groups

 To encourage people to participate in groups that have a civic focus, and to foster friendly relations and co-operation amongst various groups.
 To provide tactical and strategic support to member groups where appropriate.
 To enable groups to come together to share information and ideas, form alliances where this would be mutually helpful, and to afford support and experience to each other, without loss of autonomy, or interference in the individual issues that drive particular groups.

Our Activities....


Between Elections

 We act as an assembly where representatives of local groups can come together for mutual benefit.
 We hold seminars and workshops addressed by knowledgeable people.

Leading up to Borough and Parish Elections

 We hold public meetings that will:
 explain how the various tiers of local government work
 explain how they fit in to the wider perspective
 help the community understand the electoral process, and how they are represented
 equip local people with the skills, confidence and experience to take a pro-active role in civic life

To find out more, please contact


Fylde Civic Awareness Group
18 Sandhurst Avenue, St Anne's on the Sea, Lancashire. FY8 2DA
Phone: 0845 456 6122

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